Finance & Funding

Finance & Funding

Funding Statement

EFNA funding arises from a small number of sources, including the pharmaceutical industry, the European Academy of Neurology and membership fees. Most of the grants are specific for particular EFNA projects and, where possible, we try to involve a consortium of donors for each project.

No donor has had any undue influence of any kind over EFNA’s activities, nor are there any conflicts of interest.

It is important to remember that EFNA is an extremely broadly-based organisation, which attempts to improve the quality of life for people in Europe living with neurological illness. Our projects are equally broad and tend to deal with issues generic to all or several neurological conditions and education rather than with specific drugs or other treatments. EFNA’s relationships within the pharmaceutical and medical device industry are usually at the level of government affairs and policy and our relationships with all sponsors/funders are regulated carefully by our “Code of Practice”.


EFNA would like to acknowledge the below support in 2016:

Pfizer 50,000.00 21.60%
Teva 40,000.00 17.30%
Grunenthal 25,000.00 10.80%
EAN 20,000.00 8.60%
Novartis 20,000.00 8.60%
MSD 15,000.00 6.50%
Merck Serono 15,000.00 6.50%
UCB 10,000.00 4.30%
Biogen 10,000.00 4.30%
Janssen 10,000.00 4.30%
Genzyme 8,838.69 3.80%
Membership Fees 2,950.00 1.30%
Novartis Ireland 1,500.00 0.60%
A. Menarini Ireland 1,500.00 0.60%
Other 1,441.88 0.60%

In 2016, the % of the highest contribution from a single company was approximately 21.6% from Pfizer (50,000 euros). 89% of income in 2016 was raised from grants/sponsorship from industry vs. 11% from our health professional partner and other sources.