#BrainLifeGoals Project Grants

#BrainLifeGoals Project Grants

BrainLifeGoals Project Grants
Grants available for projects that raise awareness of brain disorder

The #BrainLifeGoals campaign is an initiative of EFNA that aims to raise awareness of the impact of neurological disorders.

BrainLifeGoals Project GrantsSharing #LifeGoals has become a popular trend in social media. #LifeGoals are the often frivolous wishes people have – for example to own a designer handbag, meet a particular pop star or drive a Maserati. This campaign puts a new spin on the trend by instead sharing #BrainLifeGoals.

In support of this campaign, EFNA are offering grants, of €2,500 each, to 5 projects which best reflect the theme of the campaign, raise awareness and improve understanding of neurological disorder.


The submitted project must fulfill the following specific requirements:

  • Be patient-driven
  • Be patient-centred
  • Respect the theme of the #BrainLifeGoals campaign
  • Address the objectives of the Grant
  • Be innovative
  • Focus on European countries and be conducted in Europe


The project should:

  • Be targeted at patients with neurological disorders
  • Raise awareness of neurological disorder or improve patients’ quality of life
  • Be innovative
  • Involve a patient organisation (or patient organisations) in its development
  • Involve a patient organisation (or patient organisations) in its implementation
  • Be transferable to other countries and regions
  • Be sustainable and have an impact in the long-term
  • Have a defined deadline
  • Have a well-defined implementation plan

Grants will be shared with registered non-profit EU/EEA-based organisations only. Therefore individual applicants should work on their project in association with an appropriately registered patient organisation at either National or European level.

A panel of judges will be formed to assess applications. The panel will be comprised of representatives of EFNA, project sponsors and a digital expert.

Deadline for application is June 14th 2019.

Download eligibility requirements here

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