#BrainLifeGoals Project Grants 2020

#BrainLifeGoals Project Grants 2020

2020 #BrainLifeGoals Project Grant winners announced!

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About the #BrainLifeGoals Project Grants

In 2020, in the framework of our #BrainLifeGoals campaign, EFNA will once again provide grants to support work on one of our three advocacy themes for the coming years. This year the focus will be on:

Ensuring Equitable Access to Treatment, Services and Support for Neurology Patients and their Carers

Access to treatment is one of the central #BrainLifeGoals of many neurology patients, and we want to help make that a reality across Europe!

Therefore, EFNA will provide up to 10 grants of €3,000 each to selected organisations.


Projects should address the recommendations arising from an EFNA workshop on ‘access’ in 2019, where barriers and possible solutions were discussed.

Therefore, projects should be:

– Advocacy/policy initiatives on access to treatment, services or support for those affected by neurological disorders

– Awareness raising initiatives/campaigns on access to treatment, services or support for those affected by neurological disorders

– Training and capacity building initiatives for neurology patients/patient advocates on topics related to access


– Providing information or training to healthcare professionals in the diagnosis, treatment and/or management of neurological disorders

For ideas and inspiration, please feel to take a look at the position paper arising from this workshop, available here: www.efna.net/ReportOnAccess


Please note that proposed projects:

  • Should be proposed by a non-profit organisation, registered and operating in Europe.
  • Can focus on a single neurological disorder or look at neurological disorders more broadly
  • Can be rolled out at national, regional or pan-European levels
  • Should be innovative: Digital tools and platforms will be considered favorably
  • Must involve patients/patient organisations in its development and implementation, but multi-stakeholder projects will be considered favorably.
  • Should be transferable to other countries and regions, be sustainable and have an impact in the long-term.
  • Can be part of a broader programme of activity, but the specific workplan proposed must have a defined deadline and a well-defined implementation plan.
  • Project updates will be required by August 31st, 2020 and February 1st, 2021, with completion due within 12 months.

Deadline for application was May 31st 2020.

Download eligibility requirements here

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**Note: Extensions were applied due to COVID-19 crisis**
Start of the Application Period Monday, March 16th 2020
End of the Application Period Sunday, May 31st 2020
Evaluation period Monday, June 1st to Friday, June 12th 2020
Awardees announced Wednesday, June 17th
Project Status Updates September 25th, 2020 and February 1st, 2021
Project completion Monday, May 31st 2021