Join EFNA’s Community Advisory Board!

Join EFNA's Community Advisory Board

Are you passionate about advocating for patients and making a difference at a European and national level? We invite you to apply for a unique opportunity to join the European Federation of Neurological Associations’ (EFNA) new Community Advisory Board.

What is EFNA’s Community Advisory Board?

The Community Advisory Board is a group comprised of up to 12 dedicated patient advocates who will receive specialised training in advocating for both neurology and their specific disease areas.

Over the course of 2024, the successful applicants will participate in a series of online and in-person workshops. These workshops will fall under the themes of: Industry Engagement, Science/Clinical Engagement, and Political Engagement.

Together with the core EFNA team and board, you will have the opportunity to engage with stakeholders such as policymakers, industry, researchers and clinicians, representing the needs and priorities of patients with neurological conditions to ensure they are adequately prioritised.

In addition to capacity building within the neurology patient community, a major benefit of this program will be to elevate and apply patient experience and expertise to processes spanning from ‘concept to clinic’ and place patients on an equal footing among neurology stakeholders in Europe.

Why join the Community Advisory Board?

  • Make an impact: By becoming a member of the Community Advisory Board, you will play a crucial role in shaping policies and strategies that directly impact patient care and support at both the EU and National levels.
  • Training and development: As a Community Advisory Board member, you will receive comprehensive training in advocacy techniques, enabling you to effectively communicate the needs of patients in the field of neurology. This training will empower you to make a real difference in the lives of individuals affected by neurological conditions.
  • Networking opportunities: By joining the Community Advisory Board, you will connect with a diverse group of like-minded individuals, including patient advocates and experts in the field of neurology. Collaborate, learn from each other, and build a network of valuable contacts.

What will be required?

Participants will be required to attend a mixture of in-person and online workshops under the themes of Industry Engagement, Science/Clinical Engagement, and Political Engagement.

  • Industry Engagement: 3 half day workshops (virtual) will take place during the first week of September.
  • Science/Clinical Engagement: 1 half day workshop (virtual) will take place in early May and 1 half day workshop (either virtual or in-person) in late June.
  • Political Engagement: 3 one hour workshops (virtual), followed by one in-person meeting at the European Parliament in Brussels in October.

Exact details of the above events are not yet confirmed and so may be subject to change.

All materials will be provided in advance of these meetings. Travel and accommodation costs will be covered, in line with EFNA’s expenses policy.

How to apply:

To apply for a position on the Community Advisory Board, please submit your application via our online form, available here.

Make sure to include any relevant experience and a brief statement explaining why you are interested in joining the EFNA’s Community Advisory Board. Successful applicants will be notified by email.

Applications are open until 12hrs CET on Thursday, February 14.

Join us in making a difference for patients with neurological conditions across Europe and become a voice for change. Apply today and help shape a better future for all.