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  • Trigeminus Foreningen DEN-Trigeminus Foreningen

    The Trigeminus Association is a nationwide membership organization whose purpose is to spread awareness of the disorder trigeminal neuralgia and atypical facial pain, to encourage research into both the cause of the disease and the disorder itself, as well as support those affected by illness and their relatives with advice and guidance.

  • The Huntington’s Disease Association DEN-Huntingtons Denmark

    The National Association against Huntington’s Chorea was founded on 11 February 1984 on the initiative of doctors Sven Asger Sorensen and Helge Madsen and now deceased social worker Manon Lüttichau.

    Huntingtons Disease kontor@huntingtons.ak
  • Scleroseforeningen DEN-Scheroseforeningen

    The Sclerosis Association is a patient association that is supported by around 55,000 members and contributors. We have been around since 1957.

  • Muskelsvindfonden DEN-Muskelsvindfonden

    We are the Muskelsvindfonden. We make things happen. By listening. By acting. By challenging. By taking chances. By inspiring. By shouting. By persevering. And above all: By standing together and creating space for differences and for the good life with muscular dystrophy.

    Neuromuscular Disorders
  • Migræne og Hovedpineforeningen DEN-Migraene Hovedpine

    Migræne & Hovedpineforeningen is an independent patient association for members with all types of migraine and headache. We disseminate information to the press, politicians and the public in general about the severe recurrent forms of headache.

  • ME Foreningen DEN-ME

    ME FORENINGEN is a non-pr …

  • Foreningen for ATAKSI HSP DEN-Foreningen For Danmark

    We are the nationwide association for people with the rare diagnoses of Ataxia or HSP as well as their relatives and other interested parties.

  • Epilepsi Foreningen DEN-Epilepsi Foreningen

    The Epilepsy Association’s overall purpose is to work to ensure that people with epilepsy are limited as little as possible in their living conditions. We are a nationwide voluntary association which was founded on 27 September 1962. The association currently has 6,000 members.

  • Dansk Tourette Forening DEN-Dansk Tourette Forening

    Danish Tourette Association is a national association for carriers of Gilles de la Tourette’s syndrome (TS) and their relatives. The association was started in 1984 and aims to help the members – spread knowledge of TS and disseminate experiences and results of research.

    Tics and Tourettes
  • Dansk Dystoniforening DEN-Dansk Dystoniforening

    Dystonia is the term for involuntary tension in the muscles, which can result in abnormal movements and positions of body parts and limbs. The neurologists estimate that there are approx. 3,000 who are affected by dystonia in Denmark. The Danish Dystonia Association is a nationwide interest organization for patients and their relatives.

  • Danish Epilepsy Center DEN-Filadelfia

    Filadelfia is Denmark’s only highly specialized hospital for patients with epilepsy. The organization also consists of a four-day neurorehabilitation center for people with acquired brain damage=and day care, a school, special counseling and an offer for Specially Tailored Education, STU.

  • ADHD Association DEN-ADHD Assoc

    The ADHD association is a voluntary organisation. The association only receives public funds in the form of grants and pools. So we need your support to be able to offer activities that benefit children, young people and adults with ADHD/ADD.