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  • Suomen Tourette – ja OCD-yhdistys ry FIN-Suomen Tourette

    Unbiased information about Tourette’s syndrome and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), existing forms of treatment and support, as well as various events, trainings and peer groups affecting members of our association.

    Tics and Tourettes
  • Suomen Polioliitto Ry FIN-Suomen Polioliitto

    The association has 8 local organizations that organize diverse activities in their area of ​​activity. There are approximately 3,500 members in the association, of which approximately 1,200 are polio sufferers.

    Post Polio Syndrome
  • Suomen lääketieteellinen ME/CFS-Yhdistys ry FIN-ME-CFS

    Suomen lääketieteellinen ME/CFS-yhdistys ry (Finnish Medical ME/CFS Association) is a patient organization that was founded in October 2017. Our mission is to increase knowledge about ME/CFS (myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome) and to improve patient experience in the health care system.

  • Suomen Huntington yhdistis ry FIN-Huntingtons

    The Huntington Association of Finland was founded in 1997 to improve family communication and patient care. Currently, the association has more than 100 members.

    Huntingtons Disease
  • Suomen Dystonia-yhdistys ry FIN-Dystonia

    The purpose of the Finnish Dystonia Association is to provide information about dystonia as a neurological disease and to support people suffering from the disease and their loved ones.

  • Retina Ry FIN-Retina

    Retina ry was founded in 1973 to monitor the interests of people with hereditary retinal degeneration, to promote research and treatment, and to act as a national link for people with these diseases and their loved ones. We are involved in the retinitis registry and our association has a research fund that grants grants to researchers in the field. Our operations are also supported by a group of experts consisting of doctors and researchers in the field.

    Retinal Disease
  • Neuroliitto FIN-Neuroliitto

    Neuroliitto is an organization for people with MS and rare neurological diseases and their relatives. The association promotes and supervises matters important to them in social decision-making and offers counseling, rehabilitation and housing services.

  • Migraine Association of Finland FIN-Migreeni

    Migraine is the most common neurological disease in adulthood, with an estimated 700,000 sufferers in Finland. The Migraine Society is there for you when a migraine or headache disease touches your life. Don’t be alone – together we are more!

  • Lihastautiliitto ry FIN-Lihastautiliitto

    The Muscular Dystrophy Association is a national disability organization whose goal is to support the right of people with muscular dystrophy to an equal, diverse and good life.

    Neuromuscular Disorders
  • Levottomat Jalat -Restless Legs ry FIN-Uniliitto

    Unilitto acts as a central organization connecting registered associations related to sleep and wakefulness disorders and sleep treatment. We otter help. support and information to those suttering from sleen disorders. and we promote the development ot treatment. We offer help, support and information to those suffering from sleep disorders, and we promote the development of treatment for sleep disorders and equal accessibility through advocacy. The purpose of our activities is also to increase general awareness of the impact of sleep and alertness on quality of life and mental and physical functioning.

  • Epilepsialiitto FIN-Epilepsialiitto

    We support the well-being of people with epilepsy and their loved ones during their different life stages and offer them peer support and activities. We also advocate for the cause and help prevent prejudice and discrimination.

  • Aivoliito (Finish Brain Association) FIN-Aivoliitto

    Aivoliitto works for the benefit of brain health and represents persons with a developmental language disorder or who have suffered from cerebral circulation disorder (AVH). We help and support our members to live a good everyday life.

  • ADHD Liitto FIN-ADHD Liitto

    We are involved in social changes and develop new methods of operation. Courage is born from trust, cooperation and resource-focused encounters.