Call to Action: Your Support Matters!

Call to Action: Your Support Matters!

We Need Your Voice!

Neurological conditions are among the most significant health challenges in the EU, affecting millions with profound impacts on individuals, families, and societies. It’s time to elevate brain health and neurological conditions on the EU’s health policy agenda.
The EFNA EU Election Manifesto presents a comprehensive roadmap toward prioritising optimal quality of life for people with neurological conditions and their carers. This manifesto outlines the urgent need for enhanced research, patient engagement and equitable access to treatments to support neurological patients. Read the manifesto here.

How you can help:

  • Sign the Call to Action: Show your support for prioritising neurological health, ensuring innovative treatments and patient-centred care are at the forefront of EU health policy.
  • Spread the word: Utilise our EU Elections Toolkit and share our messages with your network, on social media, and within your community to raise awareness about the importance of neurological health innovation.

Call to Action:
Your support matters!

Together, we can advocate for a future where neurological health is prioritised, leading to better research, treatments, and quality of life for those affected.
Sign our Call to Action and be part of the change:

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  1. Christina Georgiadou, Greece
  2. Ingolf Pernice, Germany
  3. Afshan Mumtaz, USA
  4. Filipa Júlio, Portugal
  5. Nancy Van Hoylandt, Belgium
  6. Saija Ristolainen-Kotimäki, Finland
  7. Gracemarie Bricalli, Sweden
  8. Diana Wong Ramos, Portugal
  9. Gresham Africa, South Africa
  10. Anthony Palacin, France
  11. Maya Uccheddu, Italy
  12. Polly Moyer, UK
  13. Gerry Dieleman, Belgium
  14. Dr Ramla K.M., India
  15. Joost Flach, Singapore
  16. Lorraine Duffy, Ireland
  17. Yulia Garaganova, Bulgaria
  18. Aleksander Minkov, Bulgaria
  19. Anita Daneva, Bulgaria
  20. Emiliya Belcheva, Bulgaria
  21. Deniz Ismailiv, Bulgaria
  22. Denis Milev, Bulgaria
  23. Anton Barzanov, Bulgaria
  24. Theresa Sherlock, UK
  25. Maria Nesterova, Bulgaria
  26. Annalisa Benini, Italy
  27. Iliana Jeinova Ilcheva, Bulgaria
  28. Gergana Mincheva, Bulgaria
  29. Maria Babalieva, Bulgaria
  30. Stanislava Kynast, Bulgaria
  31. Irena Andova, Bulgaria
  32. Nataliya Stoycheva, Bulgaria
  33. Emiliya Georgieva, Bulgaria
  34. Daniela Gotsova, Bulgaria
  35. Zoya Asenova, Bulgaria
  36. Iliana Smilyanska, Bulgaria
  37. Margarita Koleva, Bulgaria
  38. Albena Tsvetkova, Bulgaria
  39. Ceca Hristova, Bulgaria
  40. Dilyana Ivanova, Bulgaria
  41. Cathy Molohan, Germany
  42. Richelle Flanagan, Ireland
  43. Hendrik Dahm, Germany
  44. Anna Dé, UK
  45. Douglas Flory, USA
  46. Lorraine Browne, Ireland
  47. Michelle Elliott, UK
  48. Steve Cullen, Ireland
  49. Albert Wright, France
  50. Richard Ballerand, UK
  51. Alan Moran, Ireland
  52. Carmen-Jeanette, Ireland
  53. Tara Durnin, Ireland
  54. Sarah Earls, Ireland
  55. Joke Jaarsma, Netherlands
  56. Carrie Griffin, Ireland
  57. Máire Bradley, Ireland
  58. Eric Paquin, Ireland
  59. Andra Bria, Romania
  60. Cyril Joyce, Ireland
  61. John Molohan, Ireland
  62. Stoycho Atanasov, Bulgaria
  63. Nelson Ribeiro Borges, Portugal
  64. Ivelina Atanasova, Bulgaria
  65. Martina Bekeová, Slovenia
  66. Tadeusz Hawrot, Portugal


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  2. European Charcot-Marie Tooth Foundation (ECMTF)
  3. European Huntington Association
  4. ME Association, Belgium
  5. European ME Alliance
  6. Portugal AVC, Portugal
  7. Advocacy IGAP Awareness, South Africa
  8. Dystonia UK, United Kingdom
  9. European Myasthenia Gravis Association (EuMGA)
  10. Action for Mal de Debarquement Syndrome UK
  11. Amal/Al Ameen, India
  12. National Ataxia Foundation, USA
  13. Myasthenia Gravis Foundation, Bulgaria
  14. AIP, Italy
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  18. Parkinson’s Ireland
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