Does health matter in the European Parliament elections?

If you want to find out what the main European political groups are saying about health in view of the elections in May, the European Public Health Alliance prepared an initial analysis of the manifestos and publications of groups’ positions.

Based on this analysis, despite health being high on the minds of Europeans (as indicated in the Eurobarometer), it seems this message has not yet been taken up to a great extent by the main political groups standing in the European Parliament elections. While many of them do respond to some current public health concerns, such as air and water pollution, and make the wider link between healthy environments and healthy Europeans, the wider concerns shared by Health Alliance have not really been addressed in the party manifestos yet. It seems we will have to wait until after elections to see how health topics will be dealt with by the newly elected representatives.

Some of the European Public Health Alliance members have issued their own health-focused manifestos making a number of recommendations, which can be found at their website.