EFNA President speaks at MedTech Forum 2014 about bringing value to your business through patient partnerships

The Patients MedTech Dialogue initiative brings together patient association and industry representative in regular, solution-oriented meetings .
EFNA has been actively involved in these meetings and in the taskforces created for :
• the organisation of a patient-oriented workshop during the largest health and medical technology industry conference in Europe
• the creation and publishing of a checklist for patient centric companies

“Bringing value to your business through patient partnerships” Workshop

The workshop took place during MedTech Forum 2014, the largest health and medical technology industry conference in Europe. More than 80 participants (mostly industry representatives) learned about the benefits and value which a patient focus can bring to their companies. A number of case studies, showcasing patient-industry partnerships and the benefits which have been reaped by the companies involved, were presented and discussed.
The patients voice was represented by Audrey Craven, EFNA’s President, the Health Professionals perspective was brought forward by Thomas Danne Head of the Diabetes Center for Children and Adolescents, Germany, while from the industry side, Michael Heuer, Head of the EMEA-LATAM Roche Diagnostics Region, shared his experience and learnings.
The overall message is that the best results are achived together, through open communication, collaboration and transparency.

See presentations here

Checklist for patients-centric companies

During the workshop, the checklist for patient-centric companies was launched. A small taskforce formed by industry and patients représentatives (EFNA including) have worked together for several months to make it happen. This will be promoted to the companies as an essential tool for success.