EFNA publish Position Paper on Access

Advocating for access to neurology treatment, services and support

This document is based on feedback from an EFNA workshop, held in Warsaw in October 2019, attended by approximately 50 representatives of patient and health professional organisations, industry partners and other experts. The contents of this paper reflect the insightful and lively debates and the arising conclusions and recommendations.

The goal is to capture these outputs to inform EFNA’s strategic plan for 2020-2025, particularly on its focus area of ‘ensuring equitable access’ to neurological care for all patients in need. These recommendations define our way forward and are a proactive framework for action. Ensuring that the EFNA work programme is consistent and capable of impacting policy discussions throughout the 2019-2024 EU mandate is essential in order to make progress in the areas identified. And progress is contingent on coordinated advocacy conducted at EU, national and global level.