TINA eLearning Platform

TINA eLearning Platform

In 2016, EFNA launched its Training Initiatives for Neurology Advocates [TINA]. As part of the initiative, training and capacity building meetings have been held annually at both pan-European and National level.

Current restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic make EFNA’s training and capacity building meetings difficult to organise face to face in the short term. However, the pandemic has shown us that virtual solutions can be not only effective but also more inclusive – allowing the participation of patient advocates who can not easily travel to events. The pandemic has also accelerated the need to add capacity to patient organisations in terms of their skills in the online space.

For these reasons, EFNA has developed a pilot series of e-learning modules linked to our advocacy activities. These courses aim to upskill participants on how they can effectively advocate in a virtual world by identifying and engaging key stakeholders and developing partnerships, hosting successful online events and developing and disseminating key advocacy messages.

The courses are video-based and divided into sections that can be watched independently at times that suit the viewer. Each module includes supporting notes and worksheets, as well as a the option to take a quiz on the content and receive a personalised certificate of completion.

You will find answers to Frequently Asked Questions here.

If you have any further questions or feedback regarding EFNA’s e-learning modules please contact us.

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