Become a Member

Become a Member

The members of EFNA are European patient support organisations that uphold aims similar to those of EFNA and that are legally constituted following the laws and customs of their country of origin.
The full list of EFNA Member Principles is available here.

There are 4 categories of EFNA members:

  • Voting members
  • Provisional Members
  • Observers
  • Honorary Members

A voting member [VM] must be a pan-European umbrella of neurological patient organisations that is legally constituted following the laws and customs of its country of origin. VM may also be international organisations which include European members, should no specific European entity exist. VM can also include patient organisations representing disorders with a clear neurological or brain-related component.  

A provisional member [PM] is an organisation who does not, as yet, meet the criteria for membership as outlined in the Membership Policy. However, they are committed to doing so within a set time frame, with the support of EFNA. Once criteria are met, a proposal for full voting membership will be put to the next General Assembly. Should they not meet the criteria within the time agreed, their provisional membership will lapse.

National Neurological Alliances, where they exist, will be invited to nominate an Observer to the annual General Assembly. This representative will not have a vote. These groups are listed as Associates.

Honorary Members are individuals or organisations, selected by the Board, who are recognised for the outstanding support they have provided to furthering the aims and objectives of EFNA. They do not have a vote but can attend the General Assembly in an Observer capacity.

For further information about the benefits of EFNA membership please contact us at our offices.