My #BrainLifeGoals – shared by Kesty

This week is the “Brain Awareness Week”. To draw attention to NAH (non-congenital brain injury) and all its consequences, a European action has been set up: #brainlifegoals.

#lifegoals is often used for “luxury dreams”, such as owning a Ferrari or a dream house on the French Côte d’Azur. We use #brainlifegoals for goals that have fellow sufferers with brain injuries! For example, extra attention is being paid to NAH and the consequences of this this week.

What are my #brainlifegoals anyway?

It also makes you think. What are my #brainlifegoals anyway?

I am actually quite satisfied with how far I have come. If I think a little longer, I can think of a few goals. My so-called #brainlifegoals.

This is the top 5 of my #brainlifegoals:

1. Have enough energy to get through the day without resting after lunch.

2. My blog Love your life and the Club of Mothers with Brain Injury can continue to do and perhaps even expand.

3. Have achieved such a stable situation that I dare to purchase a puppy.

4. Achieve a stable energy level, with the next goal being a rising energy level.

5. More social activities in real life without causing a huge relapse.

I see that the word energy is very common in this list. But that is also my central item of having brain damage. Less energy. If it didn’t bother me, a number of things would be easier.
Do you also have #brainlifegoals? I am very curious!

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