WEBINAR: Where’s Neurology? Influencing Covid Recovery Planning, Programmes and Policies

Our recent webinar – ‘Where’s Neurology? Influencing Covid Recovery Planning, Programmes and Policies’ – is now available to watch.

As a follow-up to our first webinar on the impact of Covid-19 in the neurology community, EFNA organised this second webinar in the series to discuss how we can ensure that our voices are heard and integrated in the post-pandemic recovery planning phase – including in the development of policies and programmes.


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EFNA WebinarWe’ve brought together a fantastic line-up of speakers from the World Health Organisation, Non-Communicable Disease Alliance, European Commission and Parliament – as well as colleagues from the global patient advocacy community.

We hear what they are planning to support those affected by neurological disorders in the months ahead, but also to gather their thoughts on what we can do – as the neurology patient community – to ensure that our voices are heard loud and clear in influencing their agendas and plan.

With a renewed impetus to work on health and research across the world, it’s time to think about how we can make sure that neurology features prominently in the list of priorities and subsequent resources allocation!

Join us to hear about the opportunities which will be arising in the weeks ahead and to pick up some ideas on how we can really advocate effectively for our cause.

The full agenda is available here.