British cashback portals advertise online gambling providers

British cashback portals advertise online gambling providers

Cashback portals are enjoying great popularity in the UK. Some digital discount sites are now facing criticism for advertising bonus offers from online gambling providers. British media reported on the controversial practice last week.

British cashback portals advertise online gambling providers

According to them, industry giants such as Topcashback and Quidco offered bonus promotions for over 60 online casinos, which have different casino games with bonuses, bingo, and sports betting providers. The rebates would be available to customers who registered with one of the gambling providers through the portals.

The Labour politician Alex Davies-Jones, who is considered to be the shadow minister for gambling, explained about this strategy:

"Websites that lure consumers with supposedly lucrative cashback offers to entice them to gamble further and are an increasingly worrying trend."

In the face of massively rising living and energy costs, gambling offers are particularly dangerous for people who fear for their financial livelihood, she said.

Sue Anderson of the debt counseling service StepChange expressed a similar view. In her opinion, gambling companies should not exploit people's vulnerabilities with their offers.

Especially for problem gamblers, she said, there are many ways to become addicted to gambling. Therefore, online casinos and bookmakers should not advertise on cashback portals.

Tens of thousands of pounds for new players every month

Topcashback, for example, had been paying around £30,000 (€35,700) a month in bonuses to newly acquired players. It was not disclosed how long the promotion has been running. However, it was still running last week.

Accordingly, the portal transfers 55 GBP to each customer who plays for at least 10 GBP at the provider Bonus King. In total, eight of the 23 most lucrative cashback promotions for gambling providers had run at the beginning of March.

Topcashback is not alone in this strategy, he said. Also, competitor Quidco has a comparable offer in the offer. This gives new customers of the Coral Casino 40 GBP, if these set at least 10 GBP there.

In Great Britain, the revision of the outdated gambling law is currently pending. Player protectors demand that the government further restrict advertising and bonus cations in the future. Cooperations such as those with the cashback portals could then be a thing of the past.

Tens of thousands of pounds for new players every month

Representatives of the cashback portals showed their agreement. For example, a Topcashback spokesperson stated that his company would review the gambling category. He admitted that more could be done to promote responsible gambling.

A Quidco representative also stressed that the provider and partner cared about player welfare. However, he said, Quidco assumes that its customers will handle such offers responsibly.