How to keep the signs of the zodiac?

To force the Aries to be cooled and commitments, you must give him to understand that you will be near him in sexual terms. They will change you if they are not sexually satisfied.
Taurus is a super faithful, super loving sign, and if you want them to be betrayed to you, then you better make sure that they are in love with your ears. This is the only thing that guarantees their loyalty.
To twins stay with you, you should show that you are an abnormal or complete asshole. Gemini are interested only in saving you, regardless of whether you need in salvation or not.
You will have to bargain to attract the attention of cancer. They are ready for obligations, but not to empty obligations. They want their home, the car is their work, parties - they want material benefits.
a lion
To force a lion to be cooled, you must be an innovative, interesting, smart and preferably rich man. Lions like money and security, not to mention the clock of admiration that you need to spend on them.
Deev needed a signed agreement, preferably on blood, that you should forget about treason. Not the slightest step to the side, otherwise you have a lid. Your devices are important. Your attachment to them is important. Therefore, if it is so important to be with you, you do not have to give them any reason to doubt that you will do absolutely everything for them.
Scales will not assume obligations. They will tell you what they will do, but they will not do it. They will lie to you in everything, and they will break the promise that swore to perform. Meeting with them, be prepared for the fact that they will never be with you 100%. In other words, they are hopeless.
Interestingly, Scorpio, Sign of Sex and Violence, is also a very loving sign that really wants peace and comfort in good old-fashioned devotees. We think that all of them are stray cats, but, in truth, Scorpio is a great and loyal assistant and will easily come into a relationship for life.
If you need a pair-shooter, do not worry about what they change you. This will not happen, despite the stereotype of their windiness. What you need to worry about is not about sex, which, as you imagine, they will have with others, but about the time they need alone with them to survive.
A devotee Capricorn is a good idea for business, but when it comes to romance and relationships, just know that they are not interested in sexual relationship with one person for life. In fact, they would prefer to simply maintain relationships relaxed and without any obligations.
All you need to do is take a look at them once, snoring the cilia and boom! They are yours forever. Fish live for adherence, and commitment means safety for them. It is very easy to make fish devote yourself entirely and completely. For this, almost nothing needs to be done.
While you do not make them feel like you are locking them into a cage for life, you can not worry about what they will be with you. In fact, for water, obligations is completely normal. Code promo 1xBet pour l'enregistrement - Obtenez un pari 1x codes promotionnels gratuits pour aujourd'hui. Maintenant, vous devez vous demander, le code promo 1xbet est-il également disponible? Si vous résidez à vous serez heureux de savoir que le code promo 1xbet est disponible et que vous pourrez profiter d'un large éventail de jeux de sport et de casino.Les bonus d'inscription de 130 $ ne peuvent être obtenus que par code promotionnel. Le code peut être entré sur le site officiel du bookmaker ainsi que dans l'application 1xbet sur Android. Le bonus 1xbet pour le code promotionnel ne peut pas être retiré sans d.