Online casinos in the USA

USA casinos. If a person has registered with a casino, this indicates that they agree with the financial risk. When registering, the user agrees to the terms, he understands that there is a possibility of losing money, and the casino does not bear any kind of responsibility for the client's losses. The client is responsible for using the gambling business within the law of their state. Only persons who have reached the age specified in the jurisdiction of the country related to this client are allowed to participate in the games.

The administration may ask the player for documents confirming their date of birth. Sometimes the Administration can make the verification of the client. This is mandatory if the client makes a deposit using a credit card and when depositing via SMS.

Citizens of the United States of America allowed to play ih these online casinos.

Verification data is also required by the casino if you need to secure payments or reduce the risk of transactions. During verification, the client sends legible copies of: I a passport or other identity document. The document can be scanned or photographed. For payments using Visa/Mastercard Bank cards, you only need a copy of the main side of the card for verification. This action is performed only once. If a virtual Bank card is used for payment – you need to send a screen of the service panel. The screen should clearly show the card number, the full name of the holder, and confirmation of the operation. If the copies sent to the Administration do not allow full verification of the information, the player may be asked to fill out a special form that confirms the voluntary transfer of funds and the legality of the card's owner.

Multicurrency account

When registering, you can choose a convenient currency. At this stage, the following currencies are available:

    • dollar;


    • euro;


    • the national currency of the country.

The automatic currency is dollars. After authorization, you can change the currency, because customers ' accounts in the game are multi – currency. They change simply by using the sign in the upper-left corner of the monitor, or by applying a similar button in the "My settings"section. By switching between different currencies, funds remain on the balance of the currency where the Deposit was made at the same time. Players can easily use the advantages of multi-currency accounts that are comparable to similar multi-currency accounts in banking institutions.

Advantages for players with multi-currency accounts:

    • reliability;


    • simplicity;


    • comfort.

Requests are submitted in the current active currency. If the request is processed successfully, the winnings are withdrawn from the currency account of the player who is active at the time of payment. In games, bets are placed in the selected currency. The client's winnings are credited to the account of the currency that is currently active.

The player chose a USD/EUR account, then chose VISA/Mastercard for replenishment. the amount in USD is written in the "Amount in USD" field. If 1dollar=65 rubles was added to the account, then the account was topped up by 200 * 65=13,000 rubles. This means that 13 thousand rubles are available for bids. Winnings will also be credited in the USD/EUR currency.