Turinabol, a powerful anabolic steroid with a very strong presence over the years on the market, has led to varying views of its real value and effects. One side "praises" the product as an anabolic steroid that works wonders, while the other side "condemns" it as a destructive product, very dangerous to health and the body! 

In the lines of this review, we will try to conduct a thorough analysis to find out which of the above points are correct and whether it is dangerous to use them. An overview of expert opinion on the use of anabolic drugs is also presented. First we meet the anabolic steroid Turinabol, which caused all the controversy and gave you its advantages and disadvantages.

Turinabol - What is it?

Turinabol is a drug of the group of anabolic steroids, widely used by those who are involved in sports, or for therapeutic purposes, used in sports to increase physical performance and achieve sports results. Buy Turinabol Pills. Turinabol is one of the best drugs in the preferences of athletes, as it is considered the most powerful anabolic steroid product, which makes training seem extremely simple, and everything impossible becomes achievable.

Turinabol - what does it contain and where was it used?

This specific product contains an active substance called 4-chlorohydraethyltestosterone, which was first used in medicine in 1965, and a year later its use in sports was aimed at improving muscle condition and improving performance. This continues to this day. Later, however, the product began to be detected by anti-doping control, was banned from sports and characterized as extremely dangerous to health.