What can you bet on Starcraft 2

Starcraft 2 is a game about face-to-face matches. Most often there are 1x1 matches ("duels"). Occasionally there are battles involving many performers. But the 1x1 format remains traditional and classic. Matches are held in three modes:

  • Best of 3 (series to two wins);
  • Best of 5 (series to three victories);
  • Best of 7 (series to four wins).

Group and qualifying stages of tournaments, as a rule, are held in Bo 3 mode - a player is considered to be the winner if he wins on 2 cards from 3. Finals of group stages are held in Bo 5 format (it is necessary to "take" 3 cards). Grand finals of tournaments are held in the format Bo7 - it is a long fight between the two best performers, which ends with the victory of one player on 4 cards.

betting on sc2

Outcome: Determining the winner of the meeting

Outcome is a traditional type of betting that is also available in Starcraft. This is the main line that is available in many BKs. The spectator can bet on the outcome of the meeting in different formats. It is possible to bet, both on the overall result (victory of the chosen side with any score), and on a "clean" victory (the performer did not lose even once and won with a score of 2-0).

Factors that affect the success of a bet on the outcome:

  • player's form;
  • the results of past meetings;
  • The results of personal meetings between players;
  • Strategies and positions in the Leaderboard.

If a player is "on a roll" throughout the season or during a tournament, he can show brilliant results. But one should not forget about the peculiarities of personal meetings. Often a top player can steadily lose to an outsider who knows the weaknesses of the favorite. No less important is the win rate - the percentage of victories of the performer. The standings reflect the professional's points, which should be taken into account in the analysis. The more points, the higher the probability of success of a particular player.

Total duration
The spectator can bet on the total duration of both the card and the encounter. The duration of the battle is influenced by the meta and style of the player. Patches change the game time: if in 2010 the average duration of a match was about 20 minutes, now performers can safely play a card for an hour. Pay attention to the player's style and the specifics of the patch.

Total cards won
It is possible to bet on the total number of cards won. This line is in demand at long tournaments, but it is extremely difficult to analyze. The form of the performers plays a central role. It is not just about the mood of a particular player. It is necessary to take into account the success of each cyber athlete in the championship.

Important: It is not worth judging by the first games. Players are not yet "warmed up. Sometimes a player that looks like an outsider on the first day can reach the finals.

Gamer's personal score
In addition to the overall standings, cyber athletes take certain places in the tournament according to different indicators. It can be gold, silver, bronze and lower positions. It is possible to bet on a player's specific position according to the results of the tournament. This line is comparable to the total of the won cards in terms of complexity of analysis - it is necessary to take into account the form of all performers, statistics and the results of past meetings.