Patient-MedTech Dialogue

The Patient-MedTech Dialogue is a group of patient and medical device industry representatives which collaborate on an ethical basis and good faith together on a joint platform with the following objectives:

  • Establish a continuous dialogue between the patient representatives and the medical device industry in Europe in order to discuss and share information on the issues of common concern.
  • Increase the understanding of each other’s views, needs and concerns.
  • Explore potential areas for a common approach, in particular with regard to the relevant EU policies and strategies.

Several meetings are scheduled throughout the year, during which both parties discuss and plan future projects of common interest, for instance:

  • Develop patient-centered healthcare models where medical technologies are used.
  • Exchange views and positions on EU legislations that could have an impact on patients and MedTech industry, including the revision of the Medical Devices Directive.
  • Develop a common approach on the essential elements for ethical and transparent relationships between patient organizations and the MedTech industry in Europe.

This collaboration is a huge success and vital for the future.

You can find below the two links to the organisations that chair the Patient-MedTech Dialogue meetings: