‘How to become your own advocate?’ – TINA is coming to Poland

Workshop for Polish patient organisations representing those affected by brain disorders

Warsaw, December 1st

Healthcare design and delivery should be organized, first and foremost, around the needs of patients. In this context, it is important that patients are equipped with the right tools so that they can understand how best to communicate their needs and influence healthcare policy and decision- making as effectively as possible – for example: defining research priorities, participating in R&D, understanding and influencing regulatory and payor models, engaging in shared decision-making and advocating for post-treatment support.

The European Federation of Neurological Associations (EFNA) responded to this need by launching, in 2016, its Training Initiatives for Neurology Advocates (TINA). Through a series of events conducted at both pan-European and national levels – and tailored to the actual needs of patients and their carers – it offers to invaluable support to patient advocates in improving and refining their advocacy efforts. The overarching theme of the initiative is putting neurology patients at the heart of research and beyond.

One of the upcoming TINA workshops will take place in Warsaw, Poland on 1st December 2017, with the participation of a Member of the European Parliament Bogdan Wenta and Polish Ombudsman Adam Bodnar. It will focus on the three areas that have been identified by Polish patients as priorities: i) what is Health Technology Assessment and why is it important for patients, ii) how to create an effective awareness campaign and iii) how to build partnerships for progress. The three ‘hands-on’ workshops will offer concrete tools providing both theoretical insights and tips for practical application.

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