Checkout our workplan for the year ahead…


In 2015, EFNA took time-out from certain projects to review and refocus, whilst introducing some new flagship initiatives to strengthen our advocacy work in Europe.

So, 2016, will be a busy year in which these flagship initiatives (e.g. MEP Interest Group on Brain, Mind and Pain) are continued to be rolled-out, and refined versions of previous EFNA standards are re-launched (e.g. Training and Capacity-Building Workshops).

2015 was also a time when EFNA built new relationships or strengthened ongoing partnerships and is now ready to play a larger part in the central workplan of these important organisations (e.g. European Academy of Neurology).

And… we have exciting plans ahead in driving forward our work on raising awareness with a planned pan-European campaign: Together Under the Umbrella – which is also the theme of this 2016 operational plan.

All this planned work could not have been possible without the growth of EFNA’s team and with an EU Senior Policy Officer and Communications Coordinator joining our Executive Director, we have been enabled to produce one of our most ambitious plans to date. However, we need to ensure that these roles continue over the longer-term if we are to be able to accomplish the plans set out below.

Of course, the Board also play an important role and each member has taken on additional assigned responsibility for 2016 – acting in an oversight and advisory capacity on many of the projects/initiatives which you will read about over the coming pages (see appendix).

Much of our workplan also requires the engagement and support of our multi-stakeholder partners and so we would encourage you to get involved where there are clearly identified areas of mutual interest. With that in mind, for more information on any of the content contained here, please contact: and we shall be happy to provide/discuss.

Download our Operational Plan 2016 here