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  • Estonian MS Society EST-EESTI

    The Estonian Association of Multiple Sclerosis Associations (ESMUL) gathers people with multiple sclerosis (MS), their relatives, support persons, support members and professionals through seven local patient organizations.

  • Estonian Epilepsy Association International Bureau for Epilepsy Epilepsy
  • Eesti Parkinsoniliit EST-Eesti Parkinsoniliit

    Tartu Parkinson’s Disease Society (TPDS) is created in 1995. The Parkinson’s Disease Society has an important role for the patients and their carers as a source of the information about the disease and the treatment availabilities, and also as an organizer of the social activities and rehabilitation.

    Parkinson's Disease
  • Eesti Lihasehaigete Selts EST-Eesti Lihasehaigete Selts

    The Estonian Association of Muscular Disorders (EAMD) is a non-profit organization which aims to improve the living standards of people with muscular disorders.

    Neuromuscular Disorders