Joint EFNA/EAN Public Awareness Day: Understanding Headache and Sleep Disorders


To celebrate the first Congress of the European Academy of Neurology, EFNA will host a joint public awareness day for German patients affected by headache and sleep disorders. Please come along on the day if you’d like to meet the experts and find out more about how to manage and treat these disabling conditions, as well as learning about the latest research in the field.

SUNDAY JUNE 21ST 2015, 15.30 – 18.00HRS (Registration from 15.00hrs)
Neurology Lecture Hall (“Hörsaal”) in the “Alte Nervenklinik” at Charite Campus Mitte
Chairperson: Prof. Wolfgang Oertel, European Affairs Officer at the European Academy of Neurology

15.30 – 15.45HRS Welcome
– Prof. Gunther Deuschl, President, European Academy of Neurology
– Audrey Craven, President, European Federation of Neurological Associations

15.45 – 16.30HRS Diagnosing, Treating and Managing Headache and Sleep Disorders
During this presentation, two eminent neurologists will discuss the causes of the most common headache and sleep disorders, before outlining how these can be diagnosed, treated and managed effectively – whilst also exploring the links between both types of disorder. Followed by Questions and Answers
– Prof. Uwe Reuter, Headache Specialist: Berlin Neuroimaging Center Charite, Berlin, Germany
– Prof. Claudia Trankwelder, Restless Legs Specialist: Department of Neurology, Paracelsus Elena Klinik, Kasse, Germany 16.30HRS Coffee Break

17.00 – 17.35HRS Patient Panel: Living with Headache and Sleep Disorders
This panel discussion will feature patients affected by headache and sleep disorders who have learned how best to manage their conditions. They will share their experiences with the audience and discuss how these disorders have impacted on their home, work and social lives. Including Questions and Answers.
Patient Participants: Jakob Terhaag, Cluster Headache Patient and Dr Hartmut Stoye, Restless Legs Patient Chairperson: Prof. David Vodusek, Chair, Liaison Committee, European Academy of Neurology

17.35HRS – 18.00HRS The Future for Patients with Headache and Sleep Disorders
Here, a representative of the European Academy of Neurology will present research from the Congress which may point towards improved treatment and management of these disorders in the future, alongside the results of other latest studies in the field. Followed by Questions and Answers
Prof. Wolfgang Oertel, Coordinator, Sub-Committee European Affairs, European Academy of Neurology