EFNA welcomes two new members

Announcing two new members!

The European Federation of Neurological Associations (EFNA) is pleased to announce that two new members have joined its organisation – the Neurological Alliance of Ireland (NAI) and The Neurological Alliance (England).

Having two more members has strengthened EFNA’s mission to make neurological patient rights and needs heard at the highest level. The new membership ensures that EFNA now represents a wider range of perspectives, both regional and neurological.

“The inclusion of the Neurological Alliance of Ireland and The Neurological Alliance of England means that EFNA has grown in strength and numbers, with a larger and more diverse representation of the neurological patient community across Europe,” said Astri Arnesen, President of EFNA. “We are thrilled to welcome them and look forward to working together to campaign for improvements for people living with neurological conditions.”

Neurological Alliance of Ireland logoThe Neurological Alliance of Ireland (NAI) brings together over thirty non-profit organisations to advocate on behalf of the 800,000 people in Ireland living with a neurological condition. Founded in 2003, the NAI advocates for the development of quality services for people with neurological conditions. NAI’s campaigns are rooted in the experience of their members and the people and families with whom they work.  They provide a united and expert voice on neurological care through advocacy, policy development, and awareness raising. Further information is available at www.nai.ie.

“As a national umbrella for over 30 not-for-profit neurological organisations in a small EU country like Ireland, we benefit significantly from the opportunities provided by EFNA membership to advocate and influence at an EU and global level,” said Magdalen Rogers, Executive Director at the NAI.

Neurological Alliance UK logoThe Neurological Alliance (England) is England’s leading coalition of organisations and professional bodies supporting people with neurological conditions, with over 90 organisations working together to ensure that every person affected by a neurological condition can access the right treatment, care and support at the right time. Their mission is to harness the energy and passion of the neurological community to ensure public policy in health reflects the realities of living with a neurological condition, so that everyone can access treatment, care and support whenever they need it. Further information is available at www.neural.org.uk.

“We are delighted to be strengthening our relationship with colleagues across Europe, as a new member of the European Federation of Neurological Associations. There has never been a more important time to join international efforts to improve treatment, care and support – recent research showed that neurological conditions now have the highest disease burden in the world, with four in 10 affected globally. Ensuring the right treatment, care and support for all people affected by neurological conditions is therefore a truly global endeavour,” said Georgina Carr, Executive Director of The Neurological Alliance. “We look forward to learning from organisations across the continent and sharing our own resources, so people affected by neurological conditions and member organisations have a louder and even more influential voice.”

For information on becoming an EFNA member, please click here.