EU Elections Toolkit

EU Elections Toolkit

Upcoming EU Elections

Between 6 and 9 June 2024, millions of people in the European Union vote for Members to represent them in the European Parliament. EFNA considers this to be a key moment: MEPs take decisions that affect the daily lives of everyone, a considerable amount covering important healthcare issues that have a direct impact on patient organisations and patients’ lives.

Read more about why the European Elections matter here.

EFNA’s EU Election Manifesto

EFNA’s EU Election Manifesto presents a comprehensive roadmap toward prioritising optimal quality of life for people with neurological conditions and their carers.

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We need your voice!

The resources below have been created to assist individuals and organisations in advocating for neurology among Europe’s future policymakers.
Please feel free to use and adapt these resources in the way that is most suitable for you, or your organisation. You are encouraged to include information relevant to your region or to the disease area you represent.

Contact information for currently serving MEPs
Contact information for MEP research and health committees
Details of Political Groups serving in the EU Parliament are available here
Details of candidates running in each country can be accessed from this page

IMPORTANT: Please note that translations have been automatically generated and must be proof-read by a native speaker before use.

Support our Call to Action!

Show your support for prioritising neurological health, ensuring innovative treatments and patient-centred care are at the forefront of EU health policy.

EFNA’s EU Elections Toolkit is kindly supported by Novartis, Alexion, Amgen, Merck and Lundbeck.