EFNA Report from the European Federation of Neurological Societies Annual Congress

EFNA enjoys a successful collaborative relationship with the European Federation of Neurological Societies [EFNS] – the association for neurologists across Europe.

At the each EFNS Congress, EFNA is awarded a number of slots on the programme. This year the annual Good Life Session highlighted ‘Music Powering Brain Change’ and featured a presentation (and flute performance) from neurologist Dr EckartAltenmuller and a performance from piano duo Cristina Frosini and MassimilianoBaggio.

Our Awareness Day focussed on the challenge of active ageing. Download the presentations below:

  1. Cross-Border Healthcare: John Bowis, Former UK MP and MEP
  2. Drug Safety in the Elderly: BarbroWesterholm, Swedish MP
  3. Healthy and Active Ageing: Anne-Sophie Parent, Secretary-General AGE Platform(no presentation)

Alongside the various programme slots, the EFNA Executive Director and President attended both the EFNS Council and Management Committees. The EFNA Secretary-General also represented the organisation on the EFNS Liaison Committee.

Following the Congress, discussions took place on collaboration in the coming years. A joint session will be on the programme at the World Congress of Neurology 2013 and EFNA has also submitted proposals, which were received positively, for further sessions at the congresses in 2014 and 2015.

A collaborative project will also be discussed in the coming months.