European Huntingtons Association (EHA)

The European Huntington Association (EHA) was established in 1986. Since then we have worked hard to improve the life of those affected by Huntington’s Disease. Our aim is to share information and connect people throughout Europe. Together we will let our voice be heard and work for better treatment, research and to fight stigma.

Structure. We are an umbrella organization, consisting of 43 National Huntington Associations and more than 30.000 individual members – and we continue to grow. We have our own board, which is elected every other year.


  • Support and encourage collaboration across borders
  • Exchange knowledge and experiences
  • Motivate the Huntington community to participate in clinical trials
  • Raise awareness of Huntington’s Disease
  • Use our impact towards health-authorities and governments
  • Establish new National Huntington’s Disease Associations