European Migraine & Headache Alliance (EMHA)

The European Migraine and Headache Alliance is a non-profit patient association, which functions as an umbrella organisation for different patient groups across Europe. The Alliance was establi- shed in 2006 and since then we represent more than 30 patient groups across the continent. Also, we work closely with International Associates in Canada, US, Turkey, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Philippi- nes and Chile.

EMHA is an active member of the European Federation of Neurological Alliances [EFNA], the European Brain Council [EBC], the International Association of Patients’ Organisations [IAPO], the European Patients’ Forum [EPF] and also collaborates with different organisations such as the European Headache Federation [EHF], the International Headache Society (IHS), Migraine Trust International Summit (MTIS)

Our Goal: Fighting migraine.

Although migraine is one of the most common diseases, it is, at the same time, one of the most unknown and ignored, both by the healthcare system, politicians, companies and society in general.

At EMHA, we try to raise awareness in all these areas with the goal of normalising the disease and eradicating the stigma that patients have to endure. This is why the Migraine Friendly Workplace project focuses all efforts on improving the lives of millions of European workers who, even nowadays, have to work in an environment that does not understand them and, therefore, does not help them.