Patients + Participation = Our Vote for a Healthier Europe

Endorsing European Patients’ Forum EU Elections Campaign

The campaign aims at creating a sense of urgency and real imperative to address the fundamental roadblocks to patients’ access to proper healthcare and to demonstrate how patients can be part of the solution to make health systems more effective and quality-oriented. These are the outlined objectives:

  • To raise the voice of European patients to enable them to become full partners in the management of our condition according to our individual capacities and situation
  • To ensure we, the patients, are  seen  as part of the solution towards  sustainable, high-quality and cost-effective healthcare
  • To empower patients to enable us to make informed choices about our treatment and care
  • To break down access barriers in healthcare including treatment accessibility and affordability but also non-discrimination
  • To involve patients across the spectrum of research and in health policy making, “co-designing” health services
  • To call for ‘active’ support of decision-makers to commit to this healthier Europe for patients

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EFNA’s role

Created for encouraging politicians and policy-makers to commit to a healthier Europe, the campaign reflects EFNA’s beliefs, as stated in our pledge – for example:

  • Legislating for the mandatory involvement of patients in all aspects of decision-making, clinical trials and other patient-relevant processes.
  • Empowering patients to be active participants in their own healthcare and in the shaping of neurological healthcare policy and decision-making.
  • Providing all neurology patients with access to early and accurate diagnosis, appropriate treatment and care.

Therefore, EFNA will use our Pledge document to support the major EPF campaign, but also to sustain our own lobbying and advocacy activities on similar issues from a neurological perspective.

Your involvement

In order to support this campaign and adapt it to your own associations’ needs, you can:

1. Sign the EPF Manifesto – here

2. Use the background papers – here

3. Use EPF’s campaign tools (badge, social media, letter etc)- here