SIP 2016 builds a strong legacy

SIPSIP 2016 came to a close by putting forward a series of policy recommendations to fundamentally change pain care and the effect of pain on society. They include 8 points for considerations to EU and national policy makers:

  1. Implement article 8.5 of the Cross-border Healthcare Directive
  2. Establish an EU platform on the societal impact of pain
  3. Integrate chronic pain within EU policies on chronic diseases
  4. Ensure that pain care is a part of policies and strategies on cancer
  5. Initiate policies addressing the impact of pain on employment
  6. Implement workplace adjustments for people with chronic pain
  7. Increase investment in pain research
  8. Prioritise pain within education for health care professionals, patients and the general public

Read the full SIP 2016 policy recommendations.

These recommendations are based on specific policy recommendations developed by the faculty of each of the four Working Groups: