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Communicating with impact
Presenter: Melissa Curley, Communications Specialist (SocialBe)
Duration: 24 mins total
Sections: 5

Welcome to the Communications for Patient Advocacy series, presented by Melissa Curley, Communications Specialist and Trainer. Over three modules Melissa will share with you her key insights, tools and strategies to communicate with impact, when advocating for yourself, or someone you care for.

Module 1 – ‘Communicating with impact’ – focuses on personal impact through communication, on empowering you to speak up and advocate on behalf of yourself.
Module 2 – ‘Communicating persuasively’ – looks at communicating to groups, in meetings both virtual and in person. You want to make sure that your ideas, opinions, concerns and insights get a fair hearing.
Module 3 – ‘Presentation skills for public speaking’ – focuses on our ability to present an idea or deliver a message that lands.

This first module focuses on communicating with impact, on empowering us to speak up and advocate on behalf of ourselves during those one-to-one meetings with medical experts and other stakeholders.

Communicating with confidence, with poise, with clarity, and with conviction may seem like something you can either do, or you can’t but communications skills are highly learnable skills.

The following topics will be covered during this e-learning module:

  • Communication is powerful
  • Gaining confidence
  • Sounding confident
  • Looking confident
  • Simple, impactful storytelling

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Then why not move on to Module 2 in this series – ‘Communicating persuasively’.

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