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S7M2-HTA Solutions web 1

Presenter: David Schwicker
Sections: 3

In this module the audience will learn how patient-centred research can help close the gap between unmet medical and unmet patient needs. It covers the ongoing revisions to HTA regulation at EU-level and the perspectives of payers and industry. The audience will learn about the progress of patient involvement in HTA processes in Europe, how we compare the USA, the additional challenges for rare neurological conditions, and the PREFER Recommendations on why, when, and how to use patient preferences in medical product evaluation.

In the second module of this series you will learn:

  • Section 1:
    • Patient-centred research
    • Meaningful unmet need
    • Patient Engagement Framework (2022)
  • Section 2:
    • Revisions to the HTA Regulation at EU level
    • What is assessed at EU and national level
    • Perspectives of payers and industry
  • Section 3:
    • Patient involvement in HTA processes
    • Challenges for rare neurological conditions
    • Reflection on the state of play in the USA
    • PREFER Recommendations
    • Patient centricity in research – Case example

Now, let’s continue…


Sources / further reading:


EUCAPA trainings

Joint effort of EURORDIS, EPF and UMIT TIROL University for Health Sciences and Technology

1. Introductory training (LAUNCHED November):

  • For a larger patient community / national patient organisations interested to participate in JSC and JCA
  • Time needed: 2h. It aims to train 250 – 500 patients. Module 4 of the Introductory training focuses on Scoping process_PICO.

2. Fast-track training: for patients who are interested to participate in a JSC or JCA.

  • Time needed: 8h. It aims to train 250 patients.
  • First training dates, registration needs to be made in advance: January 23, February 20, April 16 

3. Extended training: People who want to deal with HTA in more depth as patient advocates, at EU and national level.  

  • Time needed: 4 days. It involves more in-depth exercises, 6h online course + 3-day-live course at UMIT TIROL. It aims to train 100 patients.
  • First training date: March 5-7 2024



EUPATI trainings

EUPATI is currently leading a training project entitled ‘HTA4Patients’, funded by the European Union, until end of 2025. The work is conducted in collaboration with EUPATI National Platforms, EUPATI Fellows, EUPATI Partners across Patient Organisations, Academia and Industry, as well as the Workgroup of European Cancer Patient Advocacy Networks (WeCan), HTAi, ISPOR and national HTA bodies. HTA4Patients will enhance the education, training and information that EUPATI already provides on HTA via its Open Classroom and Toolbox empowering patients and patient organisations to play a vital role in the implementation of the new framework.

I understand they will also launch an EUPATI Open Classroom online training course on the EU HTAR by September 2024 (in English), to be translated into 5 other EU languages by August 2025. From September 2024 onwards, they will also have available a customizable webinar package & at least 12 online training sessions for different patient communities.

Dedicated website:

Contact person: Maria Dutarte -