Introduction to Personalised Healthcare in Neurology

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Introduction to Personalised Healthcare in Neurology

Women's Brain Project
This module has been developed in partnership with the Women’s Brain Project.

Presenter: Maria Teresa Ferretti, Co-founder and CSO, Women’s Brain Project

Duration: 40 mins total
Sections: 5

This module is designed as a general and engaging introduction to the topic of precision medicine (PM) and its relevance for neurological patients. Participants will learn:

  1. What precision medicine is with easy, case-studies examples from different disciplines.
  2. Why we need precision medicine in neurology
  3. What precision medicine means from a patient point of view (in the context of a patient-centric approach).

The following topics will be covered during this e-learning module:

  • What is precision medicine? An example from oncology
  • ‘Not all patients are equal’ – From shallow medicine to PM
  • How about brain disorders? – The example of dementia
  • The example of Parkinson: precision medicine and personalised healthcare
  • Precision medicine and me – the patient perspective

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Additional resources

About precision medicine and sex/gender differences:

What you can do to reduce risk of brain disorders: