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  • Union de lutte contre la Sclérose en Plaques (UNISEP) / French League against Multiple Sclerosis MS
  • Ligue Française contre la Sclérose en Plaques (LFSEP) FRA-Ligue Francaise Contre la sclerose en plaques

    Since 1986, the League has funded research programs and provided direct support to people affected by the disease. It brings together around forty local correspondents, 17 member associations and establishments. The League has also trained “Patient Experts” to raise awareness of this disease among the general public, the media, and in Regional Health Agencies.

  • HyperSupers TDAH France FRA-Hyper-Supers

    French association to help families, adults and children affected by Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). HyperSupers – TDAH France was created in 2002, it is a Recognized Public Utility association by decree of June 18, 2019 and approved by the Ministry of Health since 2008 for the representation of users.

  • Huntington Espoir grand-est FRA-Huntington Avenir

    The Huntington Avenir Association is a team that has worked since 1997 to support families affected by Huntington’s Disease.

    Huntingtons Disease
  • Huntington Espoir Grand Est Huntingtons Disease
  • Federation National France AVC FRA-AVC Stroke
  • European Patient Organisation for Dysimmune and Inflammatory Neuropathies (EPODIN) EPODIN

    The Voice Of European Pat …

    Rare Immune-Mediated Peripheral
  • Epilepsie France FRA-Epilepsie Epilepsy
  • Ding Ding Dong – Institut de coproduction de savoir sur la maladie de Huntington FRA-Ding Ding Dong

    Institut de coproduction de savoir sur la maladie de Huntington

    Huntingtons Disease
  • CSC (Connaitre les Syndromes Cérébelleux) FRA-CSC

    Knowing Cerebellar Syndromes (CSC) is a national non-profit association, open to all, more particularly to people suffering from a cerebellar syndrome, their families and carers.

  • Comité National pour L’Epilepsie FRA-Comite

    In the interest of the people concerned and their families, the “National Committee for Epilepsy” promotes partnership between organizations dealing with epilepsies or epileptic people in France.

  • CMT France FRA-CMT France

    CMT-France is a non-profit association. The CMT-France Association has been recognized as being of general interest since April 29, 2008. This association of patients with peripheral neuropathies, managed by patients or parents of patients, aims to break isolation by bringing together people suffering from CMT or similar neuropathies.

  • Association Retina France FRA-Retina France

    Created in 1984, Retina France is a non-profit association. Bring together people affected by eye diseases in order to inform them and provide them with social and humanitarian assistance. Helping families and patients overcome difficulties linked to their disability.

    Retinal Disease
  • Association Huntington Mont-Blanc Huntingtons Disease
  • Association Huntington France FRA AHF

    The Huntington France Association (AHF) works to support people affected by Huntington’s disease and their families, but also to inform the medical and paramedical profession, raise awareness and raise awareness among public authorities. Beyond these missions, it actively contributes to research, notably through its scientific advice.

    Huntingtons Disease
  • Association France Parkinson FRA France Parkinson

    France Parkinson is an association founded in 1984 and recognized as being of public utility, which fights the disease on a daily basis alongside the people concerned. We work both at the national level through awareness and information actions as well as support for research, and at the local level, as close as possible to the needs of sick people, thanks to more than 600 volunteers spread across 82 committees. throughout France.

    Parkinson's Disease
  • Association Française du Syndrome de Gilles de la Tourette (AFSGT) FRA-Tourettes

    Our mission is to help patients and their families live with the disease, inform the teaching staff, encourage research at the national and international levels and encourage any action intended to improve the situation of its members.

    Tics and Tourettes
  • Association Française du Syndrome de Fatigue Chronique (ASFC) FRA-ASFC

    The French Association of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a non-profit association under the law of 1901, created in 1998 and approved at the national level by the Ministry of Solidarity and Health , since 2010, to represent users of the health system.

  • Association Française contre les Neuropathies Périphériques FRA-associationFrancaise

    The AFNP is a recognized non-profit association that supports and promotes peripheral neuropathies in France and internationally, in order to enable each sick person to improve their quality of life.

    Rare Immune-Mediated Peripheral
  • Association Française Contre l’Algie Vasculaire de la Face (AFCAVF) FRA AFCAVF

    The AFCAVF is an association which brings together people suffering from cluster headache. Its main goals are to help people who suffer from this headache, to act so that this disease is better known and better diagnosed and that medical research quickly leads to effective treatments.

  • Association AMIS FRA AMIS

    A source of information both on the disease and its impacts on everyday life. It is run voluntarily by members of the association, all patients or relatives of patients.

    Myasthenia Gravis
  • AMADYS FRA Amadys

    Created in 1987, AMADYS is a non-profit, general interest association , under the 1901 law, of people suffering from dystonia or hemifacial spasm. It brings together nearly 2,000 members including 80 delegates spread across France.

  • AFAF (l’Association Francaise de l’Ataxie de Friedreich) FRA-AFAF

    The AFAF, French Association of Friedreich’s Ataxia , was created in 1980 and, since then, has been run and managed by volunteers, closely affected by the disease and who share the wish to help patients and facilitate the emergence treatments. It brings together more than 900 members. It relies on a scientific council and a medical and paramedical council, and ensures a partnership with other associations in France and around the world.